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What are Green Eyes glasses made of?

We’re so glad you asked!  This is the stuff that gets us really excited; it’s what Green Eyes is all about.

Each of our different models are made from one of the following three materials:

  • Bamboo
  • Biodegradable plastic
  • Hand-made acetate, using lower emission equipment

All three of these materials are not only much more environmentally friendly than regular eyewear materials, but also durable, light-weight and hypoallergenic!  Read more here.

Where are Green Eyes glasses made?

Green Eyes is affiliated with its parent company’s own factory in Guangdong province, China.  We have staff in the factory overseeing, inspecting and passing all Green Eyes frames before they are sent to us.

Our factory is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with ISO 9001:2008, for quality management, as well as ISO 14000, for environmental impact reduction.  The factory is also certified by Social Accountability International under standard SA8000, for social/human rights, work/labor rights and workplace safety).

Are Green Eyes frames of high quality?

We maintain an integrated scope of operations and all production is carried out in a single location, under supervision by managers within our own company.  This gives us the advantage of exceptional process control and production oversight that brings a superior level of quality and consistency to each and every frame that we manufacture.  With our 12-month comprehensive manufacturer’s fault warranty (not that you should need it), there is piece of mind that no risk is involved in giving Green Eyes a try and seeing for yourself just how superior the quality of our innovative product truly is.

What do the frame measurements (sizes) mean?

Each model has its measurements listed online in millimeters, for instance 55/16/140.  The first number refers to the width of one lens (at its widest point).  The second number refers to the width of the nose bridge, from one inner lens edge to the other.  The third number represents the length of the temple arm. A medium/average size is 52/18/135. These measurements are standard across the optical industry and can be found printed inside the temple arm of most commercially available eyewear. Diagrams are also included within each product listing to illustrate the product’s measurements.  (1 inch = 25.4 millimeters)

What if my frames don’t fit my face perfectly?

Although manufactured from eco-friendly materials, all Green Eyes frames are adjustable in the same way that most other glasses are.  The optical store where you purchased your frames should be able and willing to make minor frame adjustments to perfect the fit.  Opticians/Dispensers will often use heat to make a frame more flexible for adjustment; do not be alarmed, this is standard practice.  Please ensure that you are happy with your frames before you have them adjusted!  Once they have been adjusted to fit your face perfectly, we will most likely be unable to accept your frame for return or exchange based on change of mind (or heart), as we may not be able to readjust them back to their original shape for re-sale.

Can I find a model in colors or sizes not shown on this website?

At this time, each Green Eyes model is available in one size and two to four colors.  All Green Eyes models, sizes and colors that are manufactured are shown on shopgreeneyes.com.  If you love a certain model or color but do not feel that the size will fit you properly, feel free to contact us for help and we will gladly recommend other models for you.

How often do you release new models/styles?

We are constantly keeping ourselves up to date with the latest trends, colors and shapes in the eyewear industry. While we use the current fashions as a guide to what people want, we like to be a little different in our aesthetic. New models are released every 4 months and, generally speaking, older models will remain on our website until they are sold out and discontinued (no longer in production).

The product I am interested in says “Classic Collection”, what does this mean?

All models that formed our first release of Green Eyes eyeglasses are members of our Classic Collection. These shapes are styles that we feel are staples to the identity and direction of our brand. Future models we release will either join this collection if we deem them to be, well, classics, or alternatively they will form new collections which follow different themes, whilst still clearly retaining the Green Eyes look.

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Why does Green Eyes support Prevent Blindness?

At Green Eyes Eyewear, we won’t stop at doing our bit to help protect our environment.  We also want to help provide refractive vision correction to those not fortunate enough to otherwise have access to essential vision care.  Accordingly, we’ve teamed up with Prevent Blindness, the oldest volunteer eye health and safety organization in the U.S., which has been working to help eliminate preventable vision loss since 1908.  This wonderful organization promotes public awareness and education on the importance of vision and eye health, advocates for public policy that emphasizes early detection and access to appropriate eye care, and supports vision-related scientific research.

How is my purchase helping others?

We are making our contribution in the way of donating a portion of our profits, from each and every Green Eyes frame we sell in the U.S., to Prevent Blindness!  You are helping us to support this crucial organization just by purchasing our trendy, eco-friendly frames.

I want to do more to assist those in need, what can I do?

In addition to our own efforts, if you wish to make your own personal donation directly to this important organization, please visit them online at www.preventblindness.org and click on the ‘Donate Now’ button at the top of the page!

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